Julia Mabille&Claire Ducasse

Claire Ducasse and Julia Mabille both studied at the Charpentier Academy of Applied Arts and Graphic Design, and it was there that they finally met whilst working hard on various projects. They were members of a team at first but their common interest in wool persuaded them to work as a duo, with one of them being based in Bordeaux and the other in Paris.

Their passion for materials led them to carry out research into both the small-scale and industrial aspects of wool, and the mix of Claire’s measured approach and Julia’s more spontaneous methods resulted in the development of a complementary team.

Their presence at the annual Feltrosa crafts event and their subsequent meeting with Metylos has opened up new perspectives for their conception of tomorrow’s home, which involves light, practical and poetic product design. Do we say Claire and Julia or Julia and Claire? Both are correct in fact because they make a perfect match.